Monday, 24 October 2011

Who Got The Bonus Points? GW8

Here is the "team of the week" for GW8 based sheerly on the PPI scores for that week:

Foster {25}
Samba {44} Martin {38} Terry {32}
Eagles {53} Pilkington {46} Brunt {37} Walters {32} Johnson A {32}
Van Persie {43} Balotelli {37}

So the "team of the week" looks pretty representative of GW8, with Foster earning a clean sheet in goal for West Brom, while all three of the defenders {Samba, Martin, Terry} conceded - would they be anywhere near the bonus points if not for the goals they scored? In the attacking half it was clear to anyone not on Mars that weekend that, Eagles, Pilkington, Balotelli and Johnson were worthy of their bonus points in spite of their assist / goal contributions. Brunt's first goal in open play in months, and misclassified Walters' goal earned them a high score also. Van Persie's inclusion following his dazzling display and brace is self explanatory.

Looking at the other end of the scale the aptly-named Lowe {15} received 1 bonus point for Blackburn earning the same PPI score as Defoe, Cech, Shawcross, Olsson and Song - most of which were not very close to earning bonus points in the pecking order of this system in their respective games. Funnily enough they were all out PPIed by players like Ameobi {goal}, Graham {goal}, Morison {assist}, Mata {assist}, Vellios {goal}, and Adebayor {2 assists}.

Adebayor's 2 assists in a 2-2 draw were not good enough to earn bonus due to no fewer than 3 players sharing a PPI score of 22 - Ba, Taylor and Van der Vaart - all receiving 3 bonus points. Nobody else received these supplementary points for this game, that is to say nobody has 1 or 2 bonus points. That PPI score was shared with players from other games - including Bolton's Mulumbu and Robinson who were not awarded with any bonus. Neither were team-mates Reo Coker {28}, Ngog {27} and Petrov {25} who clearly outscored them. The logic is there but it comes across rather formulaic and messy.

The system is going to stir many a debate this season. I'm sure many people scratch their head when the likes of  Davies {missed a penalty}, Larsson and Diame {both on the losing side} earned bonus points. Especially the latter who was on the Wigan side that lost 3-1 to Bolton {see above}. There were also a few players who did score highly on the PPI scale and came away with nothing - two examples would be goalscorers Milner {28} and Ramires {27}.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Gameweek 9 Differentials

Bendtner captain?

Anelka up front?

Etherington on the bench?

It can only be the Gameweek 9 Differentials!

Monday, 17 October 2011

GW6 Man City - Who Got The Bonus Points?

A certain fantasy football forum has been debating Fantasy Premier League bonus points for many years now. And each week when they are announced, it is fair to say that not only is everyone not happy, but players of the game are still left scratching their heads.

Every now and again I will look at a set of bonus points awarded. The subject of time on the field came up, and whether being substituted affected how bonus points are awarded. That brought to my mind the Man City v Everton game from Gameweek 6. Let's have a look.

Balotelli -- Milner

Silva -- Aguero

Bonus Points
3 Milner -- 2 Hart -- 1 Richards; Balotelli; Aguero

From the Man City midfield a total of 0 bonus points were awarded to Toure, Silva, Nasri and Barry, who all managed 2 shots on goal that game, and with the exception of Nasri's 82 minutes they all played the full game. I am not in any way suggesting they played oustanding, just the facts. Milner, however, came off the bench and played 13 minutes, which went in and received the maximum 3 bonus. Must be the passes then, the same four midfielders only managed 50+ passes each, whereas Milner notched up a mighty 4. Or the significance of that goal? Well, it was with a minute to go and City were 1-0 at the time already.

13 minutes + 4 passes + 1 shot on goal + 1 goal = 3 bonus points

Goalkeeper Hart, who apparently made 2 saves, and that's it, deserves the 2 bonus points. One point per save I suppose. Those 2 saves clearly more significant than anything the outfield players did with all their touches of the ball. Which leaves Silva to get the 1 bonus point surely? No, Aguero, who assisted one of the goals, so that's makes sense. And Balotelli got 1 point too, well, he did score the other goal, but only played 17 minutes more than Milner {30 total} but equalled him for shots on target. What? Oh, and Richards also managed 1 bonus point. His clean sheet must have meant more.

So, let me make sure I am getting this correct. Five players receive bonus points. Two of those were not even on the field for the first 60 minutes, and one of them did not score or assist. And no bonus points for Toure, Barry, Nasri or Silva {who did assist}. Yeah, that makes sense now I have written it all down.

It is worth looking at stats and scores for this game at another fantasy football game from Metro {where the scoring is much more in depth}, where Clichy, Silva and Nasri scored highest - interesting.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Any Budget Midfielders For Under 7 Million?

Let's look at some mid-range midfielders. Having already notch up assists and bonus points for a struggling Sunderland Larsson {6.6 million 3 goals 3 assists 3 bonus points}scored again today away at Arsenal. The bad news is he one yellow card away from a one match ban so keep an eye on that. Similarly, and another big favourite at the moment, is Murphy {6.2m 2g 3a 5b} who tends to be the engine room of the Fulham midfield, chipping in with set-piece and open play attacking contributions.

And with some clubs it is tricky who to select when there are a pair of decent options on offer. Swansea have Sinclair {6.0m 2g 2a 3b} and Dyer {4.8m 1g 0a 5b}, Newcastle have Gutierrez {6.0m 1g 2a 6b} and Cabaye {6.0m 0g 3a 3b}, Q.P.R. have Wright-Phillips {6.5m 0g 1a 1b} and Barton {6.1m 1g 1a 4b} and then Bolton have Petrov {5.8m 1g 4a 0b} and Eagles {5.3m 1g 3a 0b}. It would take a brave man to own two from one club that's for sure.

Stoke might be the exception here, their win over Fulham a perfect example with double assist man Etherington {6.4m 0g 3a 4b} and out of position goalscorer Walters {6.0m 2g 1a 4b}. If they remain injury-free and playing up front respectively then to have both in your midfield would not be total madness the way this season is going.

There's some safety in those mid-priced midfielders from the big clubs, the best examples being Anderson {6.2m 2g 1a 5b} of United and Ramsey {6.5m 1g 3a 1b} of Arsenal. Worth noting too that Norwich's Pilkington {5.0m 3g 0a 3b} has scored pretty well so far, and will likely add more bonus points to that on Monday.

What we tend to pay for inconsistency with these guys, they are never going to scoring well every week, and how psychic do we have to be to correctly foresee when any particular one will score well, and when to bench them. I brought in Jarvis {6.3m 1g 2a 4b} following his big haul at the start of the season, and since then he has supplied zilch. He is not the only culprit, Brunt {5.8m 1g 2a 2b} was suffering niggles or being rested on the bench - but he scored today.

I know there are others, but who do you favour?

Saturday, 15 October 2011


I think if you look at it honestly the fact Dzeko was benched and that Ashley Young played but did nothing except get booked was not really that surprising after all. No more surprising that, say, Gerrard returning with a goal or Kevin Davies missing a penalty. There were four surprises, in spite of Champions League games coming up, that will hurt many much deeper.

Luis Nani

PL Goals: 3
PL Assists: 3
FPL total points: 49
FPL points per game: 6.1
PL Minutes so far: 602
PL Games missed so far: 0
Played for international team: Both games
What happened: Scored twice.
So therefore: Excellent form continues internationally, could be essential against Liverpool.

Wayne Rooney

PL Goals: 9
PL Assists: 3
FPL total points: 65
FPL points per game: 9.3
PL Minutes so far: 562
PL Games missed so far: 1 {injury}
Played for international team: Yes
What happened: Sent off at 74 minutes.
So therefore: Plenty of rest, and now has something to prove following loss of discipline, against his home town and close rivals.

Samir Nasri

PL Goals: 1
PL Assists: 6
FPL total points: 41
FPL points per game: 6.8
PL Minutes so far: 436
PL Games missed so far: 0 {for Man City}
Played for international team: Both games.
What happened: Scored crucial equaliser from the spot.
So therefore: Should be full of confidence after crucial national goal and his contribution from the bench against Blackburn last time.

David Silva

PL Goals: 2
PL Assists: 5
FPL total points: 49
FPL points per game: 6.1
PL Minutes so far: 621
PL Games missed so far: 0
Played for international team: Both games.
What happened: Scored twice and assisted in second game, then subbed on 55 minutes.
So therefore: Will be buzzing after performance against Scotland, difficult to see him not starting again, in spite of rumours.

Okay, they were not the most shocking things ever to happen, but in terms of fantasy football that was a four-way blow that is going to make many of us question how we play this game. Make sure the bench has regular points scoring players? Think twice about relying on players who can now be rotated / rested / benched at ease? Or does this just add to the frustration of the dying flame that is fantasy football?